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2CKF Timetable 2017

2MB Timetable 2017


Grade 2 News.

In Grade 2, Term 3 began with our main excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium. As part of our Integrated Unit, Nemo’s Playground, students began their learning with wonderings about sea creatures and how life works under our seas.  Exploring all different kinds of creatures at the Aquarium including surprises such as a huge salt crocodile; it was clear that the Penguin Sanctuary was the most popular.  Students engaged in many conversations and had lots of wonderings for all these adored sea animals.  A quick stop at St Kilda beach for lunch and play at the playground made for a very quiet and tired journey home, but a fun filled day for all that inspired the remainder of the terms learning.


As we progressed through the term our students began to get ready for their performance as the Marionettes in our whole school production of Pinocchio. There were many days of practising the song and learning the dance routine to complete our production. All students participated fully in this activity which meant for a very smooth and fun performance on the night. All students should be congratulated for their fantastic behaviour and patience.


Students participated in our Gym program this term for four weeks on a Monday enjoying the many skills of balancing, jumping, hoping, climbing and swinging. A different skill was learnt each week with groups rotating through several activities and enjoying the fun activities that Jett’s Gym provide us with.


Term 4 is just around the corner now with many activities such as our Grade 2 sleepover, getting ready for Grade 3 which includes our step up program and our end of year Christmas concert. It’s a long term again so ensure our students have early nights, eat a good breakfast, bring healthy snacks to school and keep up with their homework and nightly reading. We look forward to a great term with you!