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Grade 3 2017



3B and 3J Weekly Timetable 2017

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Term 2 'Living and Non-Living things'

Welcome to a new year! 





This term we will be looking at 'What makes a great team?' An important part of being a good team mate is having a growth mindset. If you're unsure of what a growth mindset is, watch the video below.





Grade 4 - 2017


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Term 2 - What does it mean to be an Australian? - Welcome back to what will surely be a wonderful Term 2! We'll be starting off the term looking at ANZAC Day commemorations, followed by investigating how our system of government works. Then we'll move on to our main inquiry topic where students will investigate events throughout Australia's history, including our ancestors and early explorers. Please see our Term Planner for more info. 



Ready Set Go for 2017! - Welcome back to a new year of school for our new Grade 4 students! All students have settled in to their new year level and have begun working hard. This term we are focusing on how our choices make us healthy and successful. This includes looking at our behaviour, positive relationships and what is required to achieve success at school and in life. 






"We all make choices. But in the end our choices make us"