The Aerobics program began at WHPS began back in 2009 continues to grow every year. In this program, teams of competitors from grades 3 to 6 are taught aerobics routines, set to choreography and performed to music. These teams compete in an Australia wide contest - 'Schoolaerobics' - which now encompasses several thousand competitors each year. We are very proud of all our teams' performances over the years, including a nationals invitation in 2010 where a silver medal was achieved in Brisbane. This year, four primary teams will be competing in the Primary sections. There are also four coaches this year being; Jaclyn Smith, Kristy Williams, Alison Sartori and Kaitlyn Gedye. Teams have been training for this year's competitions since October 2013 as it takes much perserverance, resilience and practise to become a team of aerobics champions. This exciting program provides competitors with a great range of performance experiences, such as; public speaking and performing to large audiences with poise and positivity. It also aims to improve self confidence, fitness, flexibility, strength and above all team spirit. A big thanks to the coaches, school community, parents and sponsors for continuing to support this stand alone program.



Jaclyn Tanner


(Aerobics co-ordinator/coach)




 In 2014 Sammy's Girls competed at the State Finals and came home with a bronze medal. Well done, girls!!!!






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