2015 Production - The Little Mermaid

White Hills PS conducts a whole school production biannually. In 2015 we performed The Little Mermaid over two nights at the new Ulumbarra Theatre on Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th August. Our grade 5 & 6 students took on the lead roles, performing on both nights.  Our grade Prep to 4 students were divided into two groups, performing on the Tuesday or Wednesday evening only. 


"To the White Hills PS, the director Vern Wall, musical director Trevor Trewartha and all other staff members who put on such an outstanding performance of the 'The Little Mermaid'.  So much work and patience, I commend you all.  It was a very memorable performance that I will treasure for a long time."

Milida Lempio, grandparent


"The kids were great, the costumes were stunning & the Preps were amazing!  The Little Mermaid was fantastic!"

Marg Haikin, grandparent


Photographs from the performances: