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The school has a rock band that takes shape during the year. Often over 40 children audition for 10 positions in the rock band from Grades 4 to 6 and many of the auditions are terrific. The band rehearses 2-3 rock songs for a mid-year concert to be played at assembly. During second semester, we hope to take our show "on the road" and play at a number of venues within the local community.


If you are interested in helping out in the band, we rehearse from 9-11am every Monday morning.






The choir has been extended this year to include our talented Grade 2 children. By the time these children reach Grade 6, they will be wonderful choir members with solid singing skills.


The choir is a great way to learn how to sing, not only through the vocal exercises the choir leader (Lou) runs at the start of each session, but also through listening to some really delightful voices in our school. Children have until the end of Term one to decide whether they want to join choir, then we ask them to make a commitment for the remainder for the year so we work as a team to produce some amazing performances!


If you would like to help out, please come along on a Friday between 11:10- 11:50pm.




Group Lessons:


In Term 2, I will be looking for children in Grade 4 who are interested in learning some guitar skills to participate in a ½ an hour group guitar lesson on a Wednesday. It will be expected that children find at least ½ an hour each week (5 minutes a session for 6 days!) to practise on top of their guitar lesson. If I have a large number of interested children, I will work on a rotation system so that everyone gets an opportunity to participate.



Private Lessons:

Instrumental Music Lessons @ White Hills PS

The following options are available for families:

Please contact them directly to access lessons for your child during school hours.




Keep singin’, strummin’, and swingin’ those hips!!


Kaine Marsh


Music teacher


Ph: 03 5443 0799