Overseas Learning Experience

Each year WHPS participates in an overseas learning experience. They depart for Shanghai, China for an experience of a life time! The students attend school at Jinji Lake School, our Sister School, which is situated in the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). You can follow their journey on the White Hills Primary School Team China blog.


Special Guests

Prep students brought in some special guests with her. Xinling's mum and dad, Mr Liangpei Li and Ms Hui Hui, came in to teach the Prep students about some Chinese traditions, clothing and most importantly dumplings.


Chinese Lessons

Here is a photo of Robert, our visiting teacher from our Sister School Jinji Lake, teaching us how to talk about the weather in Mandarin.


Chinese culture and Mandarin language program

As part of our Chinese culture and Mandarin Language program this term, our students have been learning how say different countries in Chinese. They have been learning how to ask and answer questions about nationality and location. Our students have been learning how to write common Chinese characters, such as 中,大,日,国。