Student Wellbeing Officers

White Hills PS have a Student Wellbeing Team avaliable to assist students and families with effective access to the school.

Our Wellbeing staff are co-ordinated by our Wellbeing Leading Teacher, Kristie Lacey.  Kristie works with teachers to develop Individual Learning Plans, Koorie Education Plans and co-ordinates our schools applications for funding of students. He also coaches staff in presenting wellbeing programs. 



Our School Chaplain, Ricky Cawley, assists students and families with access to internal and external supports. He works with students individually and in small groups, communicates with families and offers many school based programs to support students in times of need. The school offers second hand uniforms, Fresh Fruit Fridays and the before school breakfast club Ricky works every day.

Parents wishing to access student or family support should contact the school office or speak with their child's teacher.