Our School


Primary School No 1916 opened in Napier Street on the 1st July, l877.


One hundred and eight years later this new site in Plumridge Street was purchased and officially opened by the Minister of Education Mr Lindsay Thompson. Two hundred young trees were planted on that day and the results can be seen today.


In August l983, Education Minister Mr Robert Fordham set up a local planning committee to develop an educational brief as a basis for a new school. On approval of the brief we secured the appointment of local architect, Mr David Breaden. Tenders were called in February l984 and let by the P.W.D. to Hookers Builders. The local planning committee carried out close monitoring throughout construction.


Joint school community use of facilities was planned for, with particular emphasis on the multi-purpose hall, meeting room, canteen, toilets and showers, sports ground and parking.


Mr Robert Fordham - Deputy Premier, officially opened the new building on Friday, 18th October 1985.


Landscape and grounds development has subsequently been undertaken mainly through working bees by parents and staff, and the Handyman/Grounds person and funded by Parents’ Club and School Council.


Recently, two large covered playgrounds, (one for Prep use), have been constructed. In 2006, through a grant from the Abbott Trust, a fitness area was developed for school and community use, while a large cover was placed over one basketball court providing shade and wet weather cover. Continuing with our goal to improve our student’s learning environment a large sport’s shed was built to enable Physical Education classes to be held in all weather. The floor of this building has been covered with artificial turf. A 150,000 litre tank has been placed to collect the water from these two large structures to enable the watering of the school gardens, while connection to reclaimed water has resulted in our oval being re-sown and green at all times. Internally, the school environment has also been enhanced by continuous maintenance and improvement. Classrooms have multi media facilities, with students accessing a range of ICT inculding personal laptops and I-Pads. 


We welcome you and your family to this school community and invite you to join in and take part in activities, programs, planning, ground maintenance and improvement.  


We are proud of our school and the environment that we and others have created.