School Council

School Council is the governing body of the school.  It determines appropriate educational policies within Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines, ensuring the aims of the school are achieved.  In addition, Council controls the school's monies and resources.


Our Annual Reporting Meeting and AGM were held on Monday, 16th March, 2020.


School Council members in 2020 are:


Parent Category –   Amanda Burrows,  Kim Engi, Sam Lempio-Franklin, Tanya Miles,  David Treloar, Simon Dean, Caroline Robinson, Natalie Reynolds, Leah Wilson, Justin Thacker & community member Corey Ah-Dore


DET Category – Andrew Schaeche, Scott Ross, Lauren Ray, Jaime Gray, Sabina Riordan


President: David Treloar

Vice President: Simon Dean

Finance Committee: Andrew Schaeche, Scott Ross, Caroline Robinson

Minute secretary: Lauren Ray

The school works on a 4 year Strategic Plan.

A copy of the White Hills PS Strategic Plan can be viewed by clicking here.

A copy of the Parent Facts Sheet about School Council can be viewed by clicking here


2020 Annual Report